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Archery Parcours Wöllersdorf


Visited in: August 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 1.5h
Walking distance: appr. 2km
Number of targets: 30
Cost: 10 €
Note: hiring equipment is (likely) only possible during the weekend
Homepage: HSV Wöllersdorf
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
GPS of the parcours route: GPX-File, KML-File


Parcours Wöllersdorf is managed by the Army Sports Club in Fischaberg. To get there exit the highway towards Wöllersdorf. Turn sharply left at the next traffic light and drive uphill, following the “Sportplatz” signs. Keep going past the “No entry” sign along a narrow street through the forest. “Ausnahme Anrainer” means except locals. Archers are local and welcome everywhere. The start/end of the parcours and the practice range are close to the sport field. There is ample parking, but you may have to drive a bit farther on weekends. Fill in the parcours book with your name, date and start time, and do not forget to fill the exit time when you are done. Again, security reasons. There is a small stand with drinks and a couple of tables and benches. It is (likely) open only during weekends, and you can also hire equipment then. The practice range offers many targets. There is a separate small range for absolute beginners. The parcours route is through a coniferous forest on a rocky terrain (a former quarry) and is well marked with yellow arrows and wide orange tape on some trees. The targets are in a mostly good condition and nicely positioned in the surroundings. Most targets also have a bow hanger, so that you can have both hands free when you climb up to take your arrows. Some targets (1, 14 and the small goblin through the rocks) have a rocky background without an arrow stop and there is a distinct possibility that you don’t find your arrow in the same condition that you shot it in – missing tips and nocks, and flying splinters if you are shooting wooden arrows. Some shooting positions allow taking shots at two targets and some targets are positioned tightly behind one another. You can immediately tell that this is an army sports club. Of course, this only adds to the fun. You should have good shoes, because the paths are rocky and some places require climbing. There are some up and down angled shots, as well as some not very traditional animals (e.g. a dinosaur or a grizzly bear). The parcours is recommended for beginners, as well as for experienced archers. Tip: after you are done, go to the Waldbad (forest bath) Markt Piesting (, around 4 kilometers away. Drive down towards Wöllersdorf, but take a left turn at the traffic light, towards Markt Piesting. After 3 km turn right towards Markt Piesting and then after 750 m take a left towards Waldbad.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15