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Archery Parcours Reichenau


Visited in: October 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 2.5h
Walking distance: appr. 2.6km
Number of targets: 28
Cost: 10€
Note: payments at Gasthof Flackl
Homepage: Gasthof Flackl in Reichenau and Archery Sport Schwarzatal
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
GPS of the parcours route: GPX-File, KML-File


Archery Parcours Reichenau at Gasthof Flackl in Reichenau near Gloggnitz is operated by archers sportsclub Schwarzatal - Directions Motorway Gloggnitz then direction Payerbach / Reichenau / Hoellental. Turn left at the roundabout in Reichenau and follow the signs Gasthof Flackl, take the upper car park to the left. The fee is payable at the inn in the dining room - there is a book and a red cashbox which can be found on the green tiled stove. Then you have to go down the little gravel road behind the right parking lot to the forest and there is already the first target. The bullet place is at the second target and has further two bullet slices and a pink panther. The Targets are not unpleasant to look at from a long distance and constist of a very strong material. Some targets have backstops of felt or rubber mats at which the arrow pull is a bit tedious. The trail is usually very poorly marked or there is even no trail marking (at a few targets red or blue trail markers show you the way to the next one) and you have look carefully for the next target (usually you have to go back and search again) but this gives the archery course a certain charm. Be careful when pulling arrows for the crocodile - there is a small bog in front of it and you have to go right and follow the way. A few points are a bit swampy otherwise the path is nice to go. There are some very nice long shots and variety. The last targets are along a small creek where you have to go down and climb up to pull the arrows and then you have to go back to the path. The marker pegs are sometimes missing or lying around on the floor - but the targets themselves are all numbered so you know at least if you're on the right track. There is also a moving target in the last third (rolling bird on a wire). In some places there is a magnificent view to the Höllental. In the middle of the course there is a table with two benches to rest. Arrow losses are avoidable through the reasonably well-positioned targets (either through backstops or naturally hedged by earthworks), however, it could happen that you shoot an arrow into the wooden frames of the backstops - from there it's difficult to pull them out. Finally you can rest quite nicely in the garden at the inn Flackl and enjoy the sun (if you are not too late).

Note: Reichenau is a resort and hiking area (the mountain Rax is just around the corner, the Vienna-Waterpipe-Way,1-wiener-wasserleitungsweg/ is also only a jump farther and offers especially in the summer a place to cool down and to swim). For the children there is a playground with swings and climbing opportunities behind the inn. Thus, the inn is rather isolated, it is very quiet and you can relax.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15