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Archery Parcours Puchberg


Visited in: Juni 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 2h
Walking distance: appr. 2.13km
Number of targets: 30
Cost: 10 €
Note: you must have good shoes
Homepage: Forellenhof
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
GPS of the parcours route: GPX-File, KML-File


Parcours Losenheim at Forellenhof is around 5.5 km from Puchberg. The start and the practice range are next to the fish ponds, directly by the parking place of Forellenhof. You pay in the Gasthaus Forellenhof – 10 €, 2 of which are for a drink. The targets are in a mostly good condition. Some have suffered a lot, but this is only visible close up, so it is not so tragic yet. They are nicely situated in the surroundings. The targets around the fish pond have straw rolls as backstops, and the others are positioned in such a way, so that an arrow loss is not probable (unless you miscalculate the elevation). The practice range offers larger distances of up to 60 m. The targets there are also straw rolls, there some animals as well. The bear is likely to be target 10. The route is nicely visible, marked with red tape, with the exception of just after target 11 (otter). There you should leave the road and climb the peak straight up. The terrain is varied – flat by the fish ponds, steep across the meadows into the forest and then through the forest along a trail. The animals are sometimes well hidden and you have to look for them. The path is muddy after a strong rain, and the climb can cause you to sweat a lot in a hot day. Bring a change of clothes and plenty of water. There are some exceptionally nice shots – two from stands, several long shots (40-55m), sometimes up, sometimes sharply down, and one shot through a forked branch. The end of the path is in the middle of the lift, 300 m from the start point.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15



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