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Archery Parcours Oberweissbach


Visited in: September 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 1.75 h for each of the three parcours
Walking distance: appr. 1.6 km for each of the three parcours
Number of targets: 14 targets on each parcours
Cost: 5 €/parcours
Homepage: Oberweissbach
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
Parcoursdetail: Parcours 1, Parcour 2


The alpine hotel Oberweissbach is close to Waidring in Tirol, close to Lofer, at an elevation of ca. 1000 m. It is reachable from Lofer in the direction of St. Johann in Tirol. From there, take the second left towards Waidring. Once in Waidring, turn left towards Pillersee and then, just after Pillersee, turn right on a steep narrow road towards the hotel.

There are three parcours. The first one is some 200 metres towards the carting range. When you complete it, you will be somewhat above the hotel, on a road which will take you towards the second parcours. This will also end above the hotel, at a macadam road. From there, you can start the third parcours and finish close to the hotel. Since the parcours are very close to the hotel, you always have the possibility to strengthen yourself between two rounds.

The small practice range is right next to the hotel, respectively its outdoor restaurant. You can pay behind the small house on the hill (envelopes and a post box), as well as look at the parcours overview. The practice range boasts with a machine for trap shooting. You pay 1€ for 2 minutes and can also borrow FluFlu arrows. Additional equipment is available for hire.

Parcours 1 offers some multiple shots, a station with a nice overview and drinks in a drink box. The targets are very well maintained and some of the animals have “real” fur, for example a wolf covered with a wolf pelt. The parcours is family and children friendly. Some of the backstops have thick felt curtains which is extremely benign for the arrows. There are some long shots, with a very low possibility of arrow loss.

Parcours 2 adds some very nice shots to the mix. For example, you can shoot at three targets from a small tower, at different distances. It is a bigger challenge than parcours 1 and you can also enjoy animals with “real” fur.

Excursions nearby can include Pillersee (around 4 km away), and carting (start ca. 150 from the hotel – the three-wheeled carts can be hired at the hotel) on a steep macadam road parallel to the main road down in the valley.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15