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Archery Parcours Muthmannsdorf


Visited in: Juli 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 2.5h
Walking distance: appr. 2.3km
Number of targets: 30
Cost: 10 €
Note: payments at Gasthof Friedrich
Homepage: Clubdiana
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
GPS of the parcours route: GPX-File, KML-File


Parcours Muthmannsdorf is owned by Archery Club Diana (Traxler). Arrival via highway exit Wöllersdorf in the direction of Wöllersdorf, then left towards Dreistetten and on towards Muthmanssdorf. At Gasthof Friedrich (Hauptstraße 40, in the curve) fill out the Archery Booklet and pay the ticket – you will receive a yellow piece of paper as a confirmation. Then drive back (towards Dreistetten) for about 50 m and turn right in the Mühlweg, then take the second right. Continue 100 m along a dirt road into the forest until you reach a small parking area with three tables and benches. Walk along the leftmost road towards the practice range. The targets are placed up to 60m distance and are very hard; you may need a puller to take your arrows out. They are mostly made of straw, some are foam. The practice range is not even, it slopes gently upwards. When you are done warming up, go back down to the tables and several meters below the parking area you will find the first target. Be alert, it is easy to oversee. For the next targets you need to go back up and take the rightmost path. This will take you to targets 2 through 25, situated in the forest. The route has a figure-of-eight shape and is rather hard to follow: the targets are partially hidden and the path markings (red-white or white) are used sparingly. Sometimes there are arrows which point the way. Some of the targets are numbered, so you can keep track of your progress. Be careful not to go backwards, this may be dangerous. The route will take you back to the three path intersection close to the parking area. Take the left one for the last five targets, past the practice range. They are situated in a flat open area with some bushes and trees. You will walk in a clockwise circle – turn left across the meadow after target 26. The shots are very pleasant, mostly up or down, sometimes down at a very sharp angle. Some targets are nicely hidden or unrecognizable because of the light and shadows. The route may be very slippery after a rainfall, since there are some small climbing stretches. The whole area is generally moist, so good shoes are a must. There are backstops behind all targets which demand an upward shot (a large thin sheet); some of them were quite full of holes and some arrows can fly through. The animal targets are in a good condition and the distances are considerable, but not impossible. Some shooting positions allow aiming at more than one target, which contributes to the excitement. Sometimes, the path is difficult to follow, especially for a first-time visit. You may have to look for it or backtrack (take care!), but when you have found all animals you feel the hunter’s triumph. If you want to relax after the walk, Gasthaus Friedrich has a beautiful terrace, as long as you manage to find space. If not, drive towards Dreistetten, there are some very nice restaurants close to the ruins, just before you drive downhill back towards Wöllersdorf.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15