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Archery Parcours Kreuttal


Visited in: Juni 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 2.5h
Walking distance: appr. 4.3km
Number of targets: 40
Cost: 10 €
Homepage: Wein4tel-Archery (previously to 2015 BSV Russbachtal)
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
GPS of the parcours route: GPX-File, KML-File


Parcours Kreuttal was previosly (until 31.12.2014) managed by the Archery Club Russbach, later from Wein4tel-Archery close to Wolkersdorf. The start/end of and the practice range are in the forest, around 500 m after Hornsbach in Kreuttal, left of the gravel parking. The practice range is rather small and some of the targets are old enough to allow an arrow to pass right through. Be careful. The parcours targets are usually in a good condition and nicely positioned in the surroundings. Most of them have a naturally looking backstop or an earthen wall. There are some exceptions, especially target 2 (a wild boar with thick scrubs behind it) and several others, where an arrow loss is quite possible. You may want to skip one or the other target if you are not sure in your shot. There are enough animals anyway. The path is marked with yellow signs and white-red tape. The deciduous forest is not too thick, which may be a hindrance with strong winds. There are some nice long shots at an upward or downward angle, many shots between trees and branches. You should have good shoes after a rainfall. There is a possibility to cut the walk short in the middle of the route, if you do not have enough time.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15