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Archery Parcours Irenental


Visited in: Juli 2014
Walking time (if alone):

  1. Parcours 1 appr. 1.5 h
  2. Parcours 2 appr. 1.5 h
  3. Parcours 3 appr. 45 min

Walking distance:
  1. Parcours 1 appr. 2.2 km
  2. Parcours 2 appr. 2.5 km
  3. Parcours 3 appr. 1.2 km

Number of targets:
  1. Parcours 1: 30
  2. Parcours 2: 20
  3. Parcours 3: 12

  1. Parcours 1: 12 €
  2. Parcours 2: 10 €
  3. Parcours 3: 7 €
  4. Parcours 2+3: 12 €
  5. Practice range: 8 € for three hours, included in the parcours prices. Half-price for children
  6. day ticket: 20 €

Homepage: NaturAktiv Irenental
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
Parcoursdetail: Parcours 1, Parcour 2, Parcour 3


The Irenental Parcours, owned by Club NaturAktiv, is close to Unter Tullnerbach (Purkersdorf). The start/finish points and the practice range are by the club house, at Irenentalstraße 6. You can hire equipment and there should be at least one person from the club every day. Training sessions or target practice at the spacious practice range are also possible. The targets are usually equipped with backstops. The backstops are rarely well integrated into the scenery, except behind the buffalo at parcours 2, where it is hidden in the bush. Some targets have natural earth backstops. The line of sight is always direct, without obstacles, so trick shots are not needed. This may seem a bit commercial, but this is supposed to be the most visited parcours in the vicinity and is also suitable for children and beginners. You need good shoes after a rain, because some places become very muddy. There are almost none shots at a sharp up or down angle and the terrain is mostly forest and grassland. If you have a lot of time, you can buy a day card for 20 € or do several parcours. In the meanwhile, you can take a rest at the club house, where you can find benches and tables. On the weekends, you can also purchase food and drinks there. Keep in mind that you should not shoot after consuming alcohol. You pay at the entrance, by the club house, left. There is a wooden box with envelopes, above it is the price list. You should fill out the whole envelope for security reasons. You put the money in the envelope and throw it in the metal post box underneath the wooden one. You should pay before you begin. The practice range is ca. 70m behind the club house, parallel to the street. For the parcours, you turn left in front of the club house and climb a short path to enter the forest, along a wooden bridge. Parcours 2 starts to the right, directly after the bridge, while parcours 1 is a bit further along the path, on the left side, and parcours 3 even further, directly at the path. All paths are marked with tape and arrows (blue-yellow for 1, red-white for 2 and orange-green for 3) and are easy to find. If you don’t miss the rather large backstops, you should not lose any arrows, and arrow damage is also unlikely. There are several (many in case of parcours 1 and 3) raspberry and blackberry bushes, which are a tasty treat in July and September, respectively. There are mushroom pickers in the autumn, be careful not to shoot one.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15