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Archery Parcours Alpengasthof-Heutal (closed since mid-2015)


Visited in: September 2014
Walking time (if alone):

  1. Parcours 1 appr. 3.5 h
  2. Parcours 2 appr. 1.5 h

Walking distance:
  1. Parcours 1 appr. 4.2 km
  2. Parcours 2 appr. 1.3 km

Number of targets:
  1. Parcours 1: 28
  2. Parcours 2: 16/22

  1. Parcours 1: 12 €
  2. Parcours 2: 12 €

Homepage: Alpengasthof-Heutal
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
Parcoursdetail: Parcours 1, Parcour 2


The alpine hotel Heutal is situated in the Heutal valley, close to Lofer around Salzburg. To reach it, drive from Unken, several curves into Heutal valley, around 500 m from Heutaler Hof. You pay in the hotel, before you start the parcours. The practice range is just behind the restaurant.

Parcours 1 is ca. 700 metres away from the hotel, next to a parking space with a big climbing wall. You can get a parking ticket from the hotel, because all parking spots in Heutal are paid. As the owner of the hotel says, “this parcours is hardcore”. It is very demanding, both the terrain and the actual shooting. You go uphill, partly through a thick forest, and it can be very muddy after rain. You always have enough space on the shooting positions. There are some really long shots, and the owner comments that he still has not used the maximal possible distance, which is somewhat unbelievable. Some targets are placed among rocks; in the case of one target the rock is invisible from the shooting position; another is close to a rocky forest trail; and some others are by a creek bed which can really splinter the arrows if you miss your target. There are some backstops, most of which are not very well blended with the surroundings, however they are not positioned very arrow-friendly, so a lost arrow is almost inevitable. Nevertheless, this is a very nice, challenging parcours. After you complete it, you have really earned your dinner and will not forget it soon.

Parcours 2 starts next to the hotel on the other side of the street. It goes through a flat marshland with some tall grass and hilly meadows, surrounded by some trees. The way is well marked and well-beaten. There are some long shots which ensure a fun and long arrow search, but a relative short walking distance. You can do it if you are bored or just before dinner. Take care when shooting close to the creek bed, because you can murder your arrows with a rock. There are some backstops here and there. The animals are in a good condition and you can strengthen yourself in the restaurant afterwards.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15