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Archery Parcours Aggsbach Markt


Visited in: October 2014
Walking time (if alone): appr. 2 hours for the Red Route and 1.5 hours for the Blue Route
Walking distance: appr. 1.5km each
Number of targets: 15 each
Cost: 7 € (day ticket)
Note: there is a club house with equipment and drinks
Homepage: WBU Aggsbach Markt
Directions: Google-Maps-Route
GPS of the parcours route: GPX-File, KML-File


The Aggsbach Markt parcours is managed by WBU Aggsbach Markt. It is close to Melk in Lower Austria. Click here for detailed arrival instructions. The parking place is in front of the club house and has its own WC. Right next to the club house, there is a small practice range with targets at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 metres. There is also a large table with two benches, where you can have a wonderful view over the practice range. The Red Route starts on the left side and should be navigated clockwise. The Blue Route is on the right side and should be navigated counter-clockwise. They have 15 targets each and they both end a bit above the club house. In this way, you can take a short rest in between, which is not a bad idea after the Red Route – it is quite difficult to follow it.

The animals are very nicely blended into the landscape and in a good condition, as well as very varied. There are some trick shots and nice long shots. (I was there shortly after a tournament and they told me that the targets are usually placed further away, at least 30 metres, and one was apparently supposed to be shot from 50 metres). The route is, with very few exceptions, nicely marked with red and blue arrows, respectively. All targets have a number, a picture and a description, which gives a very nice educational twist to the experience. The terrain is mostly forest and when it rains or has rained recently, as well as in autumn when many leaves have fallen, it could be almost dangerous to traverse some places. Regardless of the weather, you should take good shoes with a strong grip to this parcours. The shooting positions are realistic and challenging.

You throw the parcours fee in a post box right by the club house. The envelopes with a personal data sheet can be found in the nearby table. Please note: the table has no drawers. Instead, you should lift the table plate. A short introduction is available for beginners, ask at the practice range. The really young ones can enjoy a trampoline and a small playground.

Some highlights (see pictures below)
  1. Backwards shooting – at the first target of the Red Route, you stay with your back to the target
  2. Flying bird – the target is mounted on a round face which can be pulled up with a rope
  3. Some downhill long shots – for example a bear on the other side of a reek, some uphill as well
  4. Unstable platform – the platform is very small and you should only attempt this if you have no vertigo and possess a good sense of balance
  5. Horseback shot
  6. Several shots through narrow spaces between trees
  7. Flying owl – this bird is mounted on eye level over a small sunken lane
  8. Two squirrels in a hollow branch – please note, the branch is made of real wood and the arrows stick particularly hard if you miss the target
  9. Spider in a net
  10. Shot from a tower
Things to visit nearby: Maria Laach am Jauerling with the Vantage Point Jauerling, Jauerling Natural Park, as well as Wachau.


attention: satelite weather data visible only to level 15